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I'm a sucker. My brother asked me last week, at Thanksgiving, if I wanted a couple of kittens--apparently a granddaughter had had to get rid of an excess of cats, and gave two kittens to him. I dithered and told him I'd think about it: I'd been considering getting a second cat again, or even going with a pair. I actually was thinking about a pair of older males who were showing up on Petfinder, but was still dithering. Then, today, I was thinking about it, and realized oh, c**p! The temperature is taking a nose-dive tonight, and the kitties are being kept outside (with a dog and a straw-bale shelter, but still) ... I called my brother and said I'd come look at them. Sadly, one of the pair had disappeared, but the other was still there. She led us a slow chase from the house to the barn before we caught her, but she didn't argue about being held on the way back--and she was shivering very noticeably. So, here I am back home, with a half-grown kitten sequestered in the craft room (she was going to stay in the bathroom, until I discovered that the door wouldn't stay shut!), and in the morning, she's going to the vet for boarding, until he has time to check her out, and undoubtedly give her a full set of shots and spaying... But, it looks like I've rejoined the two-black-cats club. (Tarika's actually a tuxedo, but this new one has no white patches at all.) Tentative name -- Kuro (Japanese for black.)

Meanwhile, on the bus this morning, I added a drabble to the "Growing Up Hanyo" collection. As in young Inuyasha shouldn't have been running around on the roof ...
Crash Landing Banner

Two updated (while waiting for the bus)

To avoid a bit of driving to and fro between home and work, I occasionally take the bus that covers about 29 of the 35 mile commute. (Which  means leaving the car in the city to cover the 5.5 miles between bus stop and workplacle... but I digress).

So, after a long, 10.5 hour work day, I'm waiting about 30 minutes for the bus, and decided it was time to quickly work through a couple of my LiveJournal story postings and get them up to Fanficion.net.

So, I have managed to get two - one each for These Old Bones and With One Eye. In the first, Inuyasha finally reveals what he's been carrying around with him for a very long time, while in the latter, young Kaede does something for her teacher.

Signing off -- bus should be pulling up any minute now...

62,015 words, one story, 30 days

On the 24th of November, I reached the Nanowrimo challenge of writing at least 50,000 words of a novel in 30 days (or less). On November 29th, I reached 62,015 words, and the anticipated end of the plot. Today, I wrote nothing, save what I'm doing here.

This is my fourth year of participation, and my third win. The first win did eventually end up in a finished fanfiction serial, Blood Unbound. Last year's space opera takeoff on Inuyasha has languished untouched.

This one, I hope, will be different.

At the very least, I actually have some plans.

First, in December, I plan to work on world-building. This novel, now given the working title of "Crystals' Songs", is a fantasy with some science-fiction undertones. As such, there are a lot of background details to iron out--the history, the laws of magic, the maps, the cultures... my hope is to spend a bit of time each day in December writing on some aspect of the world in which the adventure will take place.

I will also, at some point, sign up to Leanpub--a website where you can incrementally publish your book.

Then, in January, I hope to start writing the first draft of the novel. At one of the meetings of the local NaNoWriMo group, a couple of people were talking about making January their 'novel editing month'. I like that idea, of having those of us who gathered in chat rooms and had writeins at the local library or grocery store, gather again to encourage each other to dive into the serious business of turning a NaNoWriMo novel into an actual book.

Hopefully, then, by the end of January, I will have the first couple of chapters up, and will be making steady progress.

It's time to get--and stay--passionate about writing!
NaNoWriMo, winner, 2013

First Day of NaNoWriMo

And I'm off, slightly slow. I missed the Midnight kickoff with the local writer's group, as I had an important meeting this morning at work, and felt I could not afford the short night, of staying out well past midnight to get a start on writing 50,000 words in November. Lot of good that did me, as I then proceeded to have a night where I didn't get to sleep until after midnight, anyways. So, one thing and the other, I'm already behind the pace. Tomorrow won't be much better, because of goings on with two of my communities. But, look out Sunday!

Meanwhile, my other goal is to at least get back to posting my previously written Inuyasha stuff onto fanfiction.net. I've badly neglected that this year, so I can do one a night and probably still not get caught up. But, for tonight, I updated the "These Old Bones", my collection of stories about an old Inuyasha in modern Tokyo. He's living with the Higurashis, by this point, but there's a lot of questions that haven't been asked, and a lot of stories not told. In this piece, Grandpa Higurashi has been trying to get a question out for days...

Countdown to NaNoWriMo

30 days to National Novel Writing Month!

This will be my third attempt. Last year, I had an idea, but not much plot, and nearly stalled out several times. This year, I'm hoping to have more plot and background done before November 1st. My goal is to spend at least half an hour every day writing down ideas for the plot and necessary background.

The novel is fantasy (of course), but this year will be more in the Young Adult genre, with a coming of age story. Here's a fragment I just finished writing, that takes place about five years before the main story. Mara, the main character, is about 13...

Read more...Collapse )


"Blood Unbound" Completed

Finally, I can say it.

The third serial in the alternate timeline story of Inuyasha and Kikyo is finished! The epilog has just been posted to fanfiction.net. 42 chapters, over 140,000 words, and far too many years, but it's done!

But, of course, the sweep of the story is hardly finished. Will Kikyo and Inuyasha make a life together, or will events tear them apart? Inuyasha has Tessaiga and the first two attacks, but what new challenges will appear? Where is this saga going?

In truth, I know in general terms where the story ends up. But, there's a lot of  gaps to fill, before the next story can be told. Just as importantly, there are other stories which will now move center stage. On the fanfiction side, I want to get White To Black--another Kikyo-centric, alt-u serial, this time with the Inu no Taisho playing opposite her, in an alternate reality, where he failed to save Inuyasha and Izayoi, while surviving himself--completed. And I've also made it a goal to get a space-opera-type novel finished in 2013 (and, oh heck, the first 1/12th of the year is almost gone!!) So the sequel to 'Blood Unbound' is sadly going to have to wait awhile.

Blood Unbound

Bound to Tomorrow collection updated

More pieces were missing from the Bound To Tomorrow collection than I realized. Added two more from July 2012 this evening: Basket Weaver and Great-Granddaughter. The first one, Basket Weaver, takes place sometime in the first few months after Kagome returned, and there is still a lot that she and Inuyasha do not know about each other. Sometimes about simple things--like crafts ....

'Basket' Theme Participation (At First Tweak)

The second piece involves their first child, taking place some years later. Great-Granddaughter Aimiko does something that makes Kaede very happy....
Two more short pieces uploaded to fanfiction.net. The first one shows what happens when Sesshomaru comes bearing gifts for a member of Inuyasha's family in Uncle's Gifts, an addition to the Bound to Tomorrow collection. In an addition to the catch-all collection Little Bits,  Shippo takes center stage, hoping to successfully prank a snoozing Inuyasha...

Uncle's Gifts

The Prank
Two more drabbles from 2012 have reached their ultimate destination on fanfiction.net this evening.

Heat In All the Right Places has Kagome bound and determined to get intimate with Inuyasha, on the night with a full moon. 

Heatwave - Heat In All the Right Places

In the second, an elderly Inuyasha, now living with the Higurashis, makes an apology to Grandpa Higurashi for an incident in his careless youth in the drabble The Bonsai Tree, part of the collection of These Old Bones.

The Bonsai Tree
I've posted a couple more pieces from last year onto fanfiction.net.The first one is a side piece, as it were, that is stored in the Little Bits serial called Night Fears, even though it belongs to the Waiting for Kagome storyline. (POV is Sango, night after the well returns.)

The second upload is the next chapter in Waiting for Kagome, wherein a flock of youkai attack the village just before dawn. It's still part of the ongoing theme of the relationship between Inuyasha and Rin.

Night Fears

Swarm Attack